.38 & .45 Caliber Shell Casings from MB-6

.50 Caliber Projectiles from MB-6

.50 Caliber Projectiles from MB-6

.50 Caliber Shell Casings from MB-6

12-Inch Bracket from MB-6

1994 Reunion Group Photograph on Ponape

1994 Reunion Photograph of Crash Site on Ponape

1994 Reunion Photograph of Kwajalein

1994 Reunion Photograph of Ponape

1994 Reunion Photograph of Roi-Namur

2004 Pensacola Reunion

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-1

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-2

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-4

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-5

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-7

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-8

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-9

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-10

2004 Pensacola Reunion D-12

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-1

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-2

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-3

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-5

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-6

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-7

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-8

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-9

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-10

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-11

2004 Pensacola Reunion E-12

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-1

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-2

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-3

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-4

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-5

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-6

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-7

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-8

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-9

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-10

2006 Chattanooga Reunion C-11

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-1

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-2

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-3

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-4

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-5

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-6

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-7

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-8

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-91

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-10

2006 Chattanooga Reunion P-11

4th Marine Air Wing Mess Hall

4th Marine Air Wing Tent City

500lb General Purpose Bomb from MB-6

5-Inch High Velocity Aircraft Rockets

613 Trojans

8-Ball on Eniwetok

Aboard the USS Salamaua

Aboard the USS Salamaua

Aboard the USS Tulagi


Aerial Photographer

Aerial Photographers

Aerial View of Eniwetok

Aerial View of Eniwetok Airstrip

Aerial View of Newport Today

Aerial View of Squadron Area on Kwajalein

Aircraft Dispersal Area on Engebi Island

Aircraft Mechanics at Newport

Airfield Number One at Nan Pohn Mal

Airstrip on Kwajalein

Ambassador Suzanne K. Hale

American Forces Arrive on Ponape

AN/APG-13A Radar Gun Director

Assistant Acting Quartermaster

Aviation Archeologist Dick Williams

Aviation Archeologist Russell French

Aviation Historian Stan Gajda

Aviator's Flight Gear

Awaiting Mass at the Island Chapel

B-29 Headed to the Marianas


Bar-B-Q Inn Menu, Newport, Arkansas

Basketball Team

Beer Garden

Bomb Bay Bulkhead from MB-6

Bomb Damage on Mille Airstrip

Bomb Shackle Hooks from MB-6

Bombardier's Compartment - PBJ-1C/D

Boris Karloff Visits VMB-613

Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun

Business End of a PBJ-1H

Captain Harold F. Beal Jr.

Camaraderie & Beer in the Recreation Hall

Carpenter Shop

Chili Williams Visits the Officers' Club

Chili Williams Visits VMB-613

Cleaning the 75mm Cannon of "Flaming Fury"

Cockpit of Scrapped PBJ

Commanding General, 4th Marine Air Wing

Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer's & Executive Officer's Quarters






Communications Office

Connecting a Tow-Bar

Construction & Maintenance

Construction & Maintenance

Cookout on Kwajalein Atoll

Corporal Alexander Mislow

Corporal Frank R. Lacy Jr.

Corporal Frederick C. Darlington

Corporal Leonard M. Dworsky

Corporal Ostell Scarborough

Corporal Philip D. Payne Sr.

Crash Site Map of MB-6

Dauntless Dotty

Dennis Sparks' PBJ-1H Model

Dental Examination

Depth Bombs Being Prepared

Diamond Head

Diesel Generator

Disposal of a PBJ-1H on Kwajalein

Dorsal Turret - PBJ-1C/D

Dr. Scott Performing a Physical Examination

Electrical Supply

Emidgi Island, Jaluit Atoll

Engine & Landing Gear of MB-6

Engine Maintenance

Engine Maintenance on Kwajalein

Engine of MB-6



Engineering Specialists

Engineering Staff

Entertainment in the Recreation Hall

Executive Officer

Exploded Ammunition from MB-6


F4Us Return to Base Following a Strike

Fighter Strip on Engebi Island

First Lieutenant Edward A. Rogers' Crew

First Lieutenant Edward E. Garton

First Lieutenant Ernest L. Hunt's Crew

First Lieutenant Eugene L. Amber's Crew

First Lieutenant George L.F. Allen's Crew

First Lieutenant Gordon I. Feid's Crew

First Lieutenant Jack M. Barton's Crew

First Lieutenant James A. Cunningham's Crew

First Lieutenant James Brotherton's Crew

First Lieutenant James T. Cotton's Crew

First Lieutenant John "R" Riblet's Crew

First Lieutenant Leland R. Smith's Crew

First Lieutenant Louis Calder's Crew

PHOTOGRAPHS (continued)

First Lieutenant Milton Schatan's Crew

First Lieutenant Paul H. Feakins' Crew

First Lieutenant Richard D. Newton's Crew

First Lieutenant Richard T. Glenn's Crew

First Lieutenant Robert E. Love's Crew

First Lieutenant Robert S. Ligon's Crew

First Lieutenant Robert W. Jackson's Crew

First Lieutenant Ross K. Bennett Working on Officers' Club

First Lieutenant Ross K. Bennett's Crew

First Lieutenant Walter T. McMillin's Crew

First Lieutenant Wayne A. Youngren's Crew

First Lieutenant William D. Treacy

First Lieutenant William H. Twohy's Crew

First Lieutenant William R. Hancock's Crew

Flag Raising Over Ponape

Fleet Marine Theatre

Fleet Marine Theatre

Fleet Marine Theatre Projection Booth

Fleet Marine Theatre Staff

Flight Line on Roi

Forgings from MB-6

Fourth VMB-613 PBJ in Kwajalein Lagoon

Fragment of Ammunition Chute from MB-6

Fresh Air Aboard the USS Salamaua

Front Area of VMB-613's Compound

Fueling a PBJ-1J



General Purpose & Armor Piercing Bombs

George W. Julian Meal Card

Gilbert Island Native

Grave of MB-6 Crewmen at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Grave of MB-6's Crew on Ponape

Grave of Sergeant David Snider

Headed to Havana

Headed to Kwajalein

Headed to the Flight Line at Boca Chica

Homeward Bound Aboard the USS Alnitah

Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizer of MB-6

Horizontal Stabilizer of MB-6

In the Shadow of Mount Suribachi

Instrument Panel - PBJ-1C/D

Instrument Panel - PBJ-1H

Intact .50 Caliber Ammunition from MB-6


Island Chapel

Island Headquarters

Iwo Jima from the Air

Japanese 127mm Dual Purpose Gun

Japanese 8-inch Coastal Defense Gun

Japanese Airstrip on Taroa Island, Maloelap Atoll

Japanese Cave on Ponape

Japanese Dual Purpose Gun on Sokehs Rock

Japanese Gun Emplacement

Japanese Searchlight

Japanese Searchlight on Ponape

Japanese Searchlight on Ponape

Japanese Surrender of Mille Atoll

Kusaie Island

Kwajalein Airstrip and VMB-613 Flight Line

Kwajalein from the Air

Last Stateside Liberty

Launch of USS Alnitah

Lele Harbor, Kusaie Island

Leon Marker's PBJ-1H Model

Liberty at Boca Chica

Liberty at Cherry Point

Liberty Call

Liberty in Havana, Cuba

Liberty in Havana, Cuba at the Sevilla-Biltmore Hotel

Liberty in San Diego


Lieutenant Colonel George W. Nevils' Crew

Lieutenant Thomas W. Stone Memorial

Line Crew Working on "8-Ball"

Line Mechanics & Plane Captains

Linked Ammunition from MB-6

Loading .50 Caliber Machine Guns

Loading 250lb GP Bombs

Loading HVARs

Long Gone

Love Brothers and their Crews

Lower Surfaces of a PBJ-1H

Lug and a Small Metal Box from MB-6

Machine Shop

Major Baker's Ditched PBJ-1C

Major Baker's Ditched PBJ-1C

Major David M. Danser's Crew

Major Richard C. O'Reilly's Crew

Marine Corps Auxiliary Air Field, Newport, Arkansas

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Memorial Brick

Marine R5C Transport

Marine R5D Transport

Mark 13 Aerial Torpedo

Master Technical Sergeant George M. Comer

Master Technical Sergeant Staggs Cleans a 75mm Cannon

MB-10 in Flight

MB-11 Providing a Navigational Escort

MB-151 on a Training Hop

MB-152 Over Newport

MB-153 at Boca Chica

MB-6 - The Love Bug

Mechanic Aircrewmen

Mechanic Aircrewmen

Mechanic-Aircrewmen at Newport

Medal of Honor Recipient Richard K. Sorenson



Medical & Dental

Melted Pieces of Aluminum from MB-6

Memorial Service - February 6, 2005

Memorial Tablet at Newport


Michael Taylor's PBJ-1D Model

Michael Taylor's PBJ-1H Model

Mike Baker 8 on Patrol

Miss-Carriage, MB-11

Mounting Out to Return Home

Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima

N-3B Gunsight - PBJ-1C/D

N-3B Gunsight - PBJ-1H

National Capitol of Cuba

Native Village on Eniwetok Island

Navigator at Work

Navigator's Compartment - PBJ-1C/D

Navigators Enjoy Liberty

Nevils' Devils

New PBJs at Cherry Point

Northern End of Kwajalein Island

Occupation of Ponape Begins

Officers' Club

Officers' Club

Officers' Club Veranda

Officers' Mess

Oil Cooler Core

On the Flight Line




Ordnance Aircrewmen

Ordnance Bomb Crew

Ordnance Mascot

Ordnancemen at Newport

Ordnancemen at Newport

Parachute Riggers

Parachute Riggers at Work

Part of the APS-3 Search Radar

Patrolling Likiep Atoll

Patrolling Likiep Atoll

Patrolling Likiep Atoll



PBJ Departing Kwajalein

PBJ on Kwajalein

PBJ-1C Computer Flight Simulator Aircraft

PBJ-1C Headed to Havana

PBJ-1C Scale Drawing

PBJ-1C/D Engine Fire Extinguisher System

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